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freshening up

Fuck me already


That big bitch-boy NEEDS it rough


So…. I know this video was taken down from xtube. As such I feel a little guilty reblogging it here, but I know it’s still getting reblogged elsewhere in the tumblr realm so unless I hear otherwise I’ll assume that’s ok.

This is one of my all time favorite videos. Probably my overall favorite fucking scene. I remember the bottom writing that a rough fuck was a real turn on for him, and man does he get it here.

It’s not just the setting, and the pair of hot guys, but literally the SOUND of this video that turns me on so damn much. The whimpers, the grunting, the slap of flesh on flesh…

Yes it’s all a work of art, but who am I kidding I’m reblogging it so I can find it more easily when I want to fap.



One of the hottest fuck vids

What a good time

Hot chubs.

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